Alicja Barahona – Race History

1998 - 12 Hour Race New York – Ranked first by Ultra Running magazine in the North American female category.

1999 - Marathon des Sables – Ranked 2nd in North American group and 9th female. This is a 150-mile stage race in the Sahara Desert, Morocco, held over 7 days. The race embraces the disciplines of total self-sufficiency where runners must carry all their own food and equipment plus various items of mandatory survival gear. Temperatures reach 125 degrees during the day and with runners having to negotiate massive sand dunes over 40% of the course, the race is aptly billed as the toughest footrace in the world.

1999 and 2000 – Long Island Endurance Run – First place in this 50 mile New York race.
1999 – Cirulnic-Innamorato – First place in 6 hour New York race
1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2004 and 2009– Joe Kleinerman – First place in 12 hour race New York.
1999 – Himalayan 100 miles – 4th place in this stage race that reaches altitudes of 12,000 feet.
Winter 2000 – Iditasport 100 miles – First place and third overall. Broke the women’s record by over five hours. A self-sufficiency race where participants are required to carry all food and mandatory equipment, this race is held in Alaska in extremely low temperatures. The terrain of 80% snow and 20% ice gives the race its tough reputation.
2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and 2004 – First place in 24 Hours Around the Lake, Wakefield.
2000 – Desert Cup Jordan – Second place in this 120 mile non-stop event. Another self-sufficiency race through 80 miles of soft dunes and 40 miles of mountains. Personally filmed for the Discovery Channel ‘Hostile Earth’ documentary broadcast in April and May 2001.

Winter 2001 – Iditasport 130 mile – First place in Alaskan, self-sufficiency non-stop race with extreme weather conditions. 50% of competitors forced to withdraw.

2001 – Trans 333 – 208 miles (333 kilometers) non-stop race in the Mauritanian Sahara. First place overall in 64.5 hours, beating the first man by over three hours and the first lady by over 21.5 hours. A gruelling race with sleep deprivation as well as fearsome conditions to be overcome. Billed as the longest non-stop desert race in the world. Also, she won Trans Trans 333 in Tunisia (Nov 2002), in India (Dec 2003), and in Egypt (2005).
Winter 2002 – Iditasport 350 mile – the only runner who finished this non-stop, self-sufficient race. Overcome severe dehydration and frostbite to finish in 6 days.
2003, 2004, and 2006 – GUCR_ 145 mile non-stop race in the UK – first place. Also, only woman who finished this race three times and won three times.
2004 – 100K Toronto – first place and Canadian Champion in age group and above.
2004 – Trans 555, Niger – 350 mile (550km) non-stop race in the Niger (Sahara Desert). First place overall, beating the first man by over seven hours. She reached the finish line where nobody was there as the race organizer changed the waypoints (it was self navigating race using GPS) and never gave the update to the runners. It was a happy ending but she lost a many hours looking for the finish line.
2005 – 350 mile non-stop –Alaska Ultra Sport – first place. Also, only women who finished this race in running category.
2006 – Trans 555+, Niger, 400 mile (600K) – first female in this non-stop race with extreme heat and very bad sand storm.
2007,2008, 2009, and 2010 - 120 mile a solo run across Long Island for Long Island Breast Cancer fundraising.
2008 – Dumpster Hwy, NWT, Canada, only finisher of 205-mile run
2009 – Thames Ring – 250 mile non-stop trail race in the UK – first female
2009 – New York Pioneer Memorial 100 mile Trek - first female
2010 – Transaharian, 167 mile trail race in Algeria (Sahara Desert) – first female
2011 – Ice Road, Arctic Circle, NWT, Canada, 240-mile a solo fundraising run for the Inuvik Homeless Shelter

Additionally numerous of Marathons, 50K , 6 hour, and 50 miler that are not listed.

Updated 02/24/2011

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